Featured Artists

For The Love Of Artistic Expression~

These artists speak for themselves through their unique craft. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! You can visit their personal website by clicking on their name.

Jenn Pointer’s (a.k.a. “jennspoint’s”) pieces are square, both because she likes the symmetry and because the thumbnails display properly online. Her digital artwork is specially designed to be printed on acrylic or metal, and incorporates purely digital effects such as pixelation and lens flares into professional 2D wall art. Some of her favorite inspirational artists are Wassily Kandinsky, Charley Harper, Loui Jover, and Minjae Lee. When she’s not drawing or writing, she’s cold-brewing coffee, garage-saling, and learning about nutrition and natural medicine.





Tony Single has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a crayon. He grew up watching cartoons and reading comics, and after high school completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Animation. His main works include the comics Life is Cheap, Royal Knavery, and Vulgar Display of Mediocrity, as well as Trottersville, a comic-strip blog. Tony has contributed to the anthologies DeeVee and Tango, and his artwork was featured in a comics exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Rijeka, Croatia, in 1999. Tony currently lives with his wife in a quaint, little villa. Crumble Cult is his latest and most personal work.







Andy Baskerville lives in Scotland. He grew up in Penzance, went to college in London, and from there worked as Chief Geological Technician. In 1998, he moved back to Cornwall and from Cornwall, he moved up to the other end of the UK, to marry a wonderful Scottish lass and now lives in the Kingdom of Fife, where his lens catches the landscape.





The Pupazzovi began in the 1970’s under humble beginnings creating art with recycled materials such as egg shells for a school project.

It is a family affair for this primary school teacher as his brother takes the Pupazzovi creations under the influence of current affairs and people in the world today.

A true visionary takes what has been given in life and creates, art~








An award-winning, internationally-exhibited and published Australian. Her work has been published in print magazines and she has exhibited internationally in numerous group exhibitions from the USA to the United Kingdom. Recently, she was a finalist in the Emma Hack Art Prize 2016. She is also one of the founding artists of The New Era Museum.






Karen Kleis took up photography in a more serious way after retiring from a corporate career in 2009. Along the way, she taught herself to transform her photos into photo art using various editing tools. Karen loves photographing the natural world as well as the human one. She particularly enjoys being able to transform her photographic images into visual stories and often uses her work as an accompaniment to her fiction and poetry. Karen lived and worked in the Chicago area for many years. She currently resides in central Florida where beauty is never far away.





‘I’m a three dimensional being composed of caramel flavoured macarons and green tea. I once asked myself, years ago when I decided to start painting again, “What is my voice?” I am still searching for it. And on the way, my archives are expanding, one inspired session at a time.’




Being diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy (a form of muscular dystrophy) defines my physical limitations, but it does not define me. Living with a chronic illness puts everything into perspective.  Reality is redefined. My soul is being purified through my suffering. I am becoming who I was before environment altered my character.  I have learned to be content and discontent at the same time. Without the distraction of physical activities, I have discovered a purpose-driven life: First, to encourage others to live more fully with fun, faith, and hope; Second, to express my emotions through oil painting; Third, to write about my experiences; And lastly, to help others live more passionately.




Rob is a writer, photographer, artist and an avid mental health advocate living in San Francisco, California.

In 2014, he started the widely recognized blog, Art by Rob M Goldstein and his
artwork is available via Flicker.






25 thoughts on “Featured Artists”

  1. Thanks, so much, Tammy. I’m humbled and honored to be included on your site with such a talented group.

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  2. Thanks for featuring my work on your page. I was very happy to see the red tab in your slideshow on your opening page. I really like that one, too. xo

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  3. Thanks so much for including my work here! I see wonderful artists here and feel privileged to be among them. 🙂

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  4. We talked about this on my blog, but I also wanted to say here how proud to see my pupazzovoi be on display on your site.
    THANK YOU AGAIN !!!!! : D

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  5. Thank you Tammy for including me in such esteemed company 🙂

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  6. This is an excellent list of bloggers. I look forward to visiting their pages

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  7. Than you for adding me to your feature. I’m honored to be among such fine artists!

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  8. Gracias, Tammy, por este excelente artículo reconociendo el trabajo de estos artistas; me interesan sobre todo Karen Kleis y Robert Goldstein a los que conozco a través de Flickr

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  9. My eyes to soar from so much to see!!!!!!! You’re a very talented lady. I would love to talk about the deep dark soaps in out heart no-one gets to. What’s your pain. I’d like to see if we can work together. Let’s get know know each other, our views and if we have similar world views.

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  10. Tammy where have you gone? Are you not writing anymore?

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