The Zoo






Callie was the matron of the family zoo and recently passed away at fourteen years of age. Indeed she was very special. She was found as a bait dog for the dog fight rings. Someone rescued her and brought her to the shelter. A woman adopted her but found out her son was allergic to Callie and then the vet took her in and kept her at the clinic. The woman also paid for all her medical expenses which were extensive. When my partner got her she was still recovering from fractured ribs and other injuries. My partner was in an abusive relationship at that time and the pair found their way here, taking the new journey together giving each other love, hope, healing and understanding. She accepted me to love and take care of them both and I will be forever grateful for that.

What makes this story just as special is the fact of what we learned about Callie after she passed. The vet guessed she was part German Shepard and Retriever. To our shock we found out she was actually a Chinook, a very rare dog breed and one that takes years to get after being on a list. And being a Chinook, she loved all the babies that came into the household and mothered them. Despite her terrible early years, she was sweet and loving, a foodie (sneaking everyone else’s food when she could), loved winter, loved babies and children, escaping out of her collar for a run, being playful, and taught us all her strength to preserver.




Elvis, a papillon, was named by my seven year old son at the time. We call him our miracle dog. My mom had just passed away and then my dog Sammy passed two days later. After the funeral, we got Elvis to love and bring into our home. He is a small little guy that loves his tennis ball and taught himself how to drop the ball down the stairs and then get it. He loves everyone and has a great cheerful and energetic demeanor, even at ten years old. Which is why when the Pitbull next door got out of his house and was halfway through my door when my daughter was coming in with the dogs, I was shocked that he was so fearless and stood up to him to protect his fold. The Pitbull was dragged away with a bloody face and Elvis didn’t have a scratch. And when a huge coyote came out from the trees about ten feet away, Elvis scared him off. He even does the Elvis lip! He is loving, obedient, swift and protective (and also doesn’t know his true size yet).




Sebastian, an American Cocker Spaniel, and our puppy of love. He was sitting in the cage at the pet store looking too cute and lonely. So we rescued him that day. The first day he actually performed a summersault although we haven’t seen him do it since. He gives kisses, not the sloppy lick kind, but if I say kiss he will gently put his mouth to mine really quick as the kiss. He keeps trying so hard with the rest of the pack, eager to play but still scares the older bunch with his enthusiasm. He jumps and barks saying, ‘Like me, like me’. The cats hunch and run off and Elvis is a little grumpy in his old age but is coming around slowly. Although Bash (for short) likes to take his ball away and run, sometimes he will drop it in front of Elvis to give it back. He steals my heart, just like the rest of them. Still in the process of training and he is doing well so far. And when he gets into the obvious trouble a pup will…we call him Bash-tard! But always a proud momma πŸ™‚



Boot’s momma was found homeless and pregnant in the streets. A lady rescued her and gave away the kittens after nursing. Boots is the runt whom was birthed after her siblings in a delay of about eight to twelve hours. So not only the runt, she is a Calico. In other words, a hellion. She is known as my cat (smiling) and I adore her. We did have to get her declawed because she was on the brink of scratching all our eyes out when a kitten. She is mouthy, moody, dominant… at the same time (well maybe moments later) she is the most affectionate and cuddly cat ever. She curls up in my arms, sometimes if I am talking she will put her paw over my lips. When she is in her cuddle mood, she totally melts our hearts. She is an original. Her and Callie had a antagonistic relationship (both being dominant) but never hurt each other and often for play. On Callie’s last night with us, it shocked us both that Boots got on top of her back to comfort Callie. She would have never done that, ever, ever, unless she knew she was dying. That is how I knew. Boots let me know in that act.


Sasha is another rescue. She is beautiful, graceful and very gentle with everyone. She has claws but would only use them in a dire situation. She is a bit skiddish around new people, independent and a quiet observer. But she also is a huge, cuddle bug. With a fantastic leap she can reach the top of our cabinets and likes to run up the door frame during the chase play. At times she looks like a wise owl, lost in contemplation with her big green eyes. She is the most chill, easy-going animal we have to perfect the balance.


With Love,

The Mezera Pack~





13 thoughts on “The Zoo”

  1. You have a lovely zoo. πŸ’œπŸ’™β€οΈ

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  2. Adorable.

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  3. I wanna visit your zoo and feed all the aminals! πŸ˜›

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  4. Aww!!! It’s our babies! So cute.❀️ Thank you for doing this and for the beautiful tribute to our Callie girl…I miss her so. 😘

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  5. This is such an adorable thing to do; what a lovely menagerie you have! I took in a pregnant cat I found living out of my garden shed last April. She was so thin, you could see the bones of her haunches. Poor thing. She had 5 kittens in May, of which I homed 3 and kept 2. They’re a lot of work, but I wouldn’t be without any of them now. And as for Belle (Mummy cat) – well, she’s settled in so well, she’s probably one of the fattest cats around now!

    Thank you for posting such a heartfelt tribute to your pets.

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  6. Darling!!

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