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All men are born into sorrow

and the sun says, Mourn this light.

Days are stitched from tear filled cloths

generational sufferings needle through our wounds

each day a garment that does not cover us whole.


Foolish ones say, Moon, Stars, cover me!

As if men can wear them in glory

and escape the dirt in final end.

The wiser ones still their souls in the darkness

bear their nakedness as black soil

and hold the earth in kinship

as the bearer of seeds.


We cry out, Light come!

But the sun is weary of petitions

and says, Mourn this light

which men have thought the redemption

from barrenness.


Yet the light of the living God

is forever mounted

in the souls that cry out from despair

feeling the emptiness of things.

From the depths he plants his seed

his hand reaching in the dirt

his heart culturing blessing

that man should walk in joy

finding the One who will hold him more beloved

than what shines under the sun.



© 2017 Tammy Mezera



Trying to get back into writing and the wordpress site here and there. My partner and I of twelve years have started the separation process and I am concentrating on my faith and relationship with God. In the meantime, my heartfelt appreciation to all of you that visit the site even through the long silences~