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This is my poem for the ‘Tales of Love’ Collaboration at Poets For Peace.



I remember hearing

'I love you'

as if all that was said

and done

would be a matter of love.

Then grappled with

the confusion

trying to understand what

or whom was as capable

as love

to deliver it whole.

I found none.

When grandmother and I

arrived in Florida

I got sick

puked in my aunt's living room

my aunt yelled but grandma

told her to shut up

and cleaned it.

I will remember that one kind act forever

by a loveless person.

I realized then

that love

was so large, so piercing

so strong and persistent

it could prevail its way

through the cracks of any soul.

And that far too often

we are disillusioned by the question,

Am I worth it?

But love always answers yes

even when

the best and worst people in our lives

fails the answer

© 2017 Tammy Mezera