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Diary of an Aesthete

Many golden suns have circled the arc of the sky and your time in this magical land is nearly coming to an end… You have been welcomed into this coastal realm by all her people, you walked her sandy shores arm in arm, traversed her rocky plains and her dusty cities under her guidance, you rested your weary traveller’s feet in her sweet oasis, and you danced your first dance in the desert… But before you leave, this place, the land of Teranga, which others called Senegal, she has one more gift to offer you… the chance to connect to the deepest roots of her forest, where tall trees grow, creatures walk on four legs, undisturbed, untouched, where humans and nature coexist in a special harmony, and the lion is king.

Now, finally, she gives you the chance to be born again…
To be Born Free.

After my journey through the…

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