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in a house of hue

they juggle dissonance

off carnival mirrors

bleached gloves

and costume suits

catch the bounce

define their truth


cotton candy

to the press

(the virtuous ones

that tip their hats)

illusions as smoke

they light before speaking

and cry the fire

was sparked by ink


the elephants

march in order

with everything

at their disposal

tusks of ivory

protecting hoarders

and party line cages

to lock the free

disagreements, they’ll

treat as poachers

for all that they have

no one else needs


a circus of lies

revolving madness

abuse and honesty

is not the same

the big top flag

is white without waving

the blood

of our ancestors

and blue

of the majority


still the clown

will raise the ankus

demanding our echo

The Greatest Show on Earth!


when for us

and Democracy

it is the saddest show

in the world



Β© 2017 Tammy Mezera