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Do you hear,

Christianity now has power

to rule the land

for Trump said, ‘If I’m there you will

have plenty of power.

You don’t need anyone else.’


When Jesus said this

the crowds believed until

it meant an old, wooden cross.


Today, do not be dismayed

or discouraged

God brings down the proud

shelters the weak and humbled

loves the unloveable

forgives all our transgressions


Today, be encouraged

that only God

is God and that no man

can take His Glory

for himself


Christ alone is our refuge

a gentle Shepard

a loving and forgiving Savior for all

in a world gone mad

with their delusions of power


Not by might, nor by power

But by my Spirit says the Lord


Β© Tammy Mezera 2017



(Article of Trump’s claim that he holds the power for Christians. Many in the church failed to denounce this and supported him to be president. But God will not be mocked by one who claims to give Christianity it’s power.)