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[My Contribution for Poet’s Resistance / WritersResists]

Poverty in my hand

sleeping on their wealthy lands

not mine but if there's ever gonna be a war

they'll claim us relatives

pave the fight for our feet

leave us with our hands for dreaming

Uncle says, 'Work hard for a living

Be like me and with all that I can hold'

truth be told, that wanting sack carry's brick

and envy needs a walking stick

leave me and my family behind Uncle

to sleep tonight in peace

Uncle says, 'You need me 

Justice is for those who can afford it'

because your justice bleeds

in gold and green, gold and green

leave me and my family alone uncle

to stitch our wounds in peace

Uncle says, 'This is the wall

Between the elite and the poor'

but status will never silence men

who work to see inequality end

for we have left your illusions uncle

that war is about humanity

Β© 2017 Tammy Mezera