While not even in office yet, Trump held a private meeting with media anchors and executives basically letting them know just how awful they were to him. Earlier this year he threatened to initaite laws to make it easier to sue the press. As we all know by now, Trump is a contract speech fellow meaning- you sign the total Secrecy Contract and then there is correspondence, conversation, employment, business, even politics. His disdain for the press is simply the fact that they would actually cover what he has said verbatum and what he has done during the campaign. Yes folks, trying to control and threaten the press is part of a dictatorship. I’m sorry that some people are just not getting the gravity of the situation and how it effects our democracy and our children’s future. But perhaps some might listen to Christiane Amanpour, chief international correspondent and anchor at CNN during an award ceramony.


Remember, the press has certain protections and a legal team that bloggers do not have. Free speech and free press are essential for all of us and for our future.