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(Dedicated to Colltales, Madelyn, Michael, Rose, Anita and all of you here fighting injustices around the world. Your work and efforts truly do matter.)



When there was one of me

and ten of them

you became small to be my sturdy side

my brother, my sister


When I coward in voice

once again failing the aptly spoken word

at what would have been – the right time

you shouldered my ignorance and silence

in a teachable moment of forgiveness

and nurtured courage to overcome fear


When everyone shouted

shut up, go home, get a life

your voice in the gentlest whisper

became the loudest in my ears

Stand for the weak, the oppressed,

the hurting and God himself will help you”

and it gave my knees strength


When I saw failure

and the inability to overcome

felt my own weakness and discouragement

thought myself crazy to continue

in a losing battle

you sat with me in the foxhole

made me look at the stars burning bright

and said, ‘You are held’


And when you left

it was my time to become strong

to stand up against what will always be

the war and struggles in this world

that I may become small with the smallest voice

the repeater of the good done unto me

and the believer

of God’s intimate presence in this world

where most have failed to look


© 2016 Tammy Mezera

Book  In And Out Of Unison