I went downtown to Millennium Park and held up my poster board with a message against bigotry, racism, sexism, minimization of sexual assault in the public arena, against all hate groups, and for civil protections for all.

Hundreds of people read the poster as I twiddled my thumbs, smiled, felt like a weirdo sitting and protesting by myself (hehe) but the symbolics of it had meaning. In fact it was energizing (I had never protested before). My dream would be to go to Washington and march with all the women but I know that can’t happen so I am content with holding my poster around these parts. The poster has to be re-done but when it is I will post a picture of it. TheΒ Power Of One page up as well on the site.

The handouts I made reads – Β (and please tell me if this sounds ok)


Power Of One- Could it Be You?

This sitting is to validate those who have felt marginalized, silenced, demoralized, polarized and deeply triggered by the presidential campaign. The normalization of using any public platform for bigotry, racism, calls for violence, devaluing diversity, and minimizing sexual assault is unacceptable. All of our experiences together should drive a deeper understanding of every issue in society to the forefront of politics. And there are no greater issues than human decency, civil rights, equality, and fostering mutual respect in diversity when it comes to relating and law. Democracy cannot be for all of us without it stemming from each of us to honor its true value and worth.

I sit here today for all of those who do not have the words that correctly depict the shock, sorrow and fears during this election campaign and its rhetoric that rumbles through our past or present experiences, both in US history and our own personal lives. I sit in solidarity even when not every issue or experience is understood by everyone in our society understanding that validation is needed on many different levels. Please stand with me against; bigotry, racism, the minimization of sexual assault, the normalization of violence, mocking the disabled, and all hate groups while standing up for everyone’s right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Thank you for reading~


Why? Because why not. I am not as intimidating as a large group, approachable for conversation, and face to face with the message. We all advocate in our own ways but however we do it, there is much work to be done!