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Power Of One

The power of one. This is my personal initiative (or conviction rather) this week. Those of you have followed my posts know I have been all over the place emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. This election has been the most challenging for me ever. It has caused me to look deeper at myself and see both the good and bad, to see the good and bad in others, to question what I think and believe, and it has triggered things from the past and continues to do so. I know I have contradictions while moving beyond the black and white of simplicity whether on spiritual, moral, ethical or societal views. It is not easy, it is a messy business.

I also know that what I am going through many others are going through as well. And what I need to separate here is that even though I am not trying to marginalize anyone, I still stand against Trump and will not move forward with those in whom promote his policy, character and agendas. Evangelicals would not place Trump in a position of power in their own church and yet many have placed him on the highest seat in US office regardless of his character. The problem I have with that is, it shows pro-birth beliefs, not Pro life. Pro Life is the celebration of all life regardless of gender, sexual orientation, nationality and race. Pro life is respect for the fact that God gave all men the choice and freedom to accept or reject Him. If God gave us this country for democracy, then he founded it with freedom for and from all religions equally as was given the separation from church and state. Pro life is celebrating and shouldering the burdens with all minority and vulnerable groups. Pro Life respects Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist etc, religious protections, but those protections must be available for every religion. We should all celebrate the diversity in religion rather than minimize a specific tradition of one over another. Pro life respects the rich and poor. Pro life stands against sexual assault and its minimization. Pro Life stands up for all the children we have in our world today. Pro Life also respects the fetus, the health of the mother, fathers. This is not a black and white nor simple issue.

When people are taunted and mocked, assaulted, harmed, thrown out of their homes, refused housing and jobs and education, refused business services, cut off from families and friends because of the color of their skin, ethnic background, being lgbt or having a (physical or mental) disability, what country they came from – it is Wrong. This isn’t Pro Life. This is; Pro Bigotry, Pro Racism, Pro Subversive Legalism rather than humanitarian, Pro White, Pro Straight, Pro (name all the rest here).

We are all hypocritical if life is just a concentration on one aspect of it. But as it is, it is complex. I do not have a big enough brain to be an environmental engineer, a scientist, a doctor, a clergywoman, a teacher, a politican, parent, a scholar, a reporter, a computer programmer., etc all in one and understand all the problems in the world. Just like being a white girl from the burbs doesn’t give a diverse experience enough to understand all the cultural frustrations, challenges, abuses throughout our society. We really do need each other. Our world doesn’t have all the answers and solutions.

When bigotry, racism, violence, sexism, and prejudiced is allowed, and during this campaign openly accepted, it tears us apart. When the kind of campaign Trump ran is tolerated, accepted and then rewarded with the highest position in the United States, it symbolizes that we are no longer the Human Rights or Religious Freedom leader of the world.

We have been marginalized here. My views do not constitute all the facts, the understanding needed, the total objectivity, the total separation from ignorance, the freedom from fault, the freedom from hypocrisy, the finished growth, the perfection of love or the perfection of wisdom, I need help sometimes and I can accept that.

Like all of you, I have my convictions. The Power of One isn’t unity. The only one who can claim that is God (in my belief system). The rest of us are sometimes misunderstood, marginalized, and alone in the mix of many convictions and beliefs. But standing up for civil rights for all people is standing for freedom of religion and democracy. It is standing up for Pro Life, as it applies to everyone’s life, and their right to be protected from the harm is caused by hate and superiority entitlements. Democracy cannot just be for all of us without it stemming from each of us to honor its true value and worth.

So in the next few weeks I will be in downtown Chicago, in my little lawn chair by myself with a sign, Power Of OneΒ to validate those feel marginalized, polarized and unheard, who feel alone, who feel misunderstood and afraid, and for those who have gone through many different experiences and are triggered by this election. I can march and protest with many groups and will, but for right now it is about validating those in society whose experiences, concerns, and fears are/were minimized. While Trump may never denounce hate groups, we will and continue to do so. While he may never apologize and correct his position, we will stand together. And in the next couple of weeks for those who feel alone in the complexities of conviction and anger over injustice on all these issues, I am sitting out there for you. It may not mean much to anyone else crossing by, but for myself and my wordpress family here, I’m doing this for you because you are worth it.