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Steven is a respected cult expert in whom I’ve read and admired for quite awhile. I am humbly sharing his thought provoking article about Trump.

I am not, however, suggesting everyone should participate in deconstructing extremist mentality online or approaching such dialog in person until pursuit of objectivity can be embraced. Emotions are high right now and many people are suffering internal and psychological triggers, intimidation and violence, ptsd, and intense fears. People should nurture themselves and find good, validating support networks rather than run to activism in this way which will backfire unless separated from it. There are many forms of activism but I also know there are also many personal priorities that are necessary to follow.

Extremist mentality is very difficult to break through and it takes years with many failures. Sometimes it is near impossible, especially when denial is the only thing that will hold the person functional after years of controlled, extremist inundation. Everyone needs their safe place and safe people before these types of walls are broken through. Not all of us are a safe place at any given time with every person or every issue.

With that said, there are many people who can approach this type of activism so posting it as a beginning reference tool.

Steven Hassan – A Call To Activism