I have been waiting for this declaration to come out. Anonymous is not part of Wikileaks or its propaganda. I’ve followed some Anon on twitter and know that many are working towards humanitarian causes, justice and fighting against ISIS. I am not a hacker. In fact after my last post about the election someone threw me offline so I myself struggle with the technological aspects of it all. I also do not know anyone in Anonymous but from what I’ve witnessed from their posts much good is done. I was so disappointed that Wikileaks promoted an agenda whereas whistleblowers who are fighting corruption and the silencing and abuse of journalists are being tainted by Wikileaks agenda. I didn’t realize stuff about Wikileaks until the election and myself wondered if Anon was a part of that. Here in this declaration you will see that they are not. We all have to fight together against corruption, human rights abuses, dictatorship and for freedom of the press, democracy, human rights, privacy issues, whistleblower protections, etc.

But I also believe in government, security and law. While it may seem contradictory to some, it really isn’t. Snowden did what he did for the sake of the American public and to maintain rights involving freedom of information and freedom of press and citizen privacy issues. That wasn’t about hacking the government, it was about preserving our democracy against the illegal surveillance on ALL US citizens, lawful or not. All of us, as a democratic society, have a right to know when our freedoms are at risk especially as law abiding, patriotic citizens who love our country and what it stands for.