The Scope of Democracy’s Loss


The Presidency

The House

The Senate

Republican Nomination of Conservative Only Justices in US Supreme Court


Our checks and balances system, with the Republican controlled branches, may falter. This isn’t a time to ‘just get over it’. This is a time to declare accountability for an open democracy, for all people. This is a dictatorship of Republican Party and its own special interests. This isn’t just about Trump, this is about America being changed forever without the proper checks and balances in place to uphold a democratic process for all minorities, vulnerable groups, and opposing factions challenging the Republican party. Our Democracy is at stake for the next four years.

This is why when moving forward, each of us need the solid support and advocacy in place to oppose repression. While we have previously had a Democrat/Republican controlled congress/Presidency  before, I do not believe we have ever had the additional one party control over the Supreme Court Justice majority. This is exactly what we are dealing with in the near future without any hope for recourse. Why the news media did not discuss this out in front at length is exactly why we need media reform, as well as many other factors.

Expect certain civil rights to be overturned. Walk away from people who tell you just to get over it, what they are really saying is- I do not want to hear about you fighting for your own personal rights. Love and peace? Love yes, with correction and with boundaries set that make democracy work for all of us, not just some. Peace? You are welcome to agree or disagree with me, but do not expect my energies to go into changing your mind or having the time to explain why I need to stand up for my country, my fellowmen, myself on addressing issues that are imperative to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Advocacy is needed. Without advocacy (more than just producing a twitter or wordpress post) certain populations have no voice. Peaceful protests, marches, letters, legal advocacy and the like all move us forward. This is the time to get excited about our own hands getting dirty for a great cause- OUR DEMOCRACY. This is the time when people of all backgrounds can nationalize on just one issue, our democracy. This is the time when despite the election and its consequential effect on all Americans and many world partners in human rights, we can do something about it.

America is great because we have a democracy. We are losing that democracy. If there was ever a time to get involved, it is now. Voting is one thing and Hillary won the popular vote but did not win the electoral one. We did that together. And we can go forward together again in the fight for our nation.