Trump’s Wall

Little did we know how metaphorically it would be placed to divide our own nation further after all of us worked so very hard to achieve the civil rights, the growth, the dialog and the liberties we have today, as diverse as we are.

I cannot in good conscience make nice with those have voted Trump into office. Moving through change did not require electing a sexual predator, a narcissist, a known pathological liar, a crude and disrespectful bully, and a racist bigot into office.

To love my children, to love people, to do what is right I must stand up and separate from those who have accepted this behavior and then even more so, voted him in to lead our democracy, our nation, our America. My partner, myself, our friends, our family started to remove people from facebook, wordpress, online friends, etc., that supported Trump. These are not the right people to move forward with.

I cannot in good conscience accept a backward movement in women’s rights, in LGBT rights, in common decency and respect for all people regardless of race, color, or religion.

Trump, this is your wall. Trump voters, this is your wall. I can and will respect the choice of both democrat and republican but this doesn’t mean I owe you anything that is in contradiction to my own core values and passion for the freedoms and diversity we have in this country.

I will speak out. I do not accept Trump, his behavior or his character. This is not the wall we put up, this is the wall between dignity/common decency and anything goes to win that Trump and his supporters put up. This isn’t just about political disagreement, this is about the disgrace of a nation, the tearing down of people’s lives and civil rights, the division and degrading of others that was obviously accepted throughout the campaign and now mandated for everyone else for four more years. This isn’t the wall I built, but this is the wall I will tear down with the right people, in the right way, with moving forward to teach my children that it is wise to choose our relationships carefully with those who care about the dignity, respect, and value of all people. Trump supporters did not do this. They did not reject the man who embodies everything wrong with our country. And therefore, I need to separate from those who have encouraged such division, bigotry, prejudice and mockery of our diversity.

Yes we are moving forward, but no this isn’t together. A respectful republican perhaps, yes we could have moved forward, disagreed on certain issues, worked through on bi-partisan level. But with Trump, no. Trump supporters made their choice to divide us when he mocked someone with a disability (that would affect me), when he degraded women (that would affect me), when he minimized sexual assault (that would affect me), when he chose an anti-LGBT VP (that would affect me and my personal relationship). I’m not alone. This is the wall they chose and it wasn’t about tolerance.

Everyone that has supported Trump please just stop following me. If you wanted to work through changes in America together, the choice was there to respect all of us in the process and choose a candidate other than Trump.