This is quite a difficult time. Rather than functioning under a diverse democracy we are headed into a republican Dictatorship with the Presidency, House, Senate and Supreme Court controlled by republican interests.

But here is what we didn’t lose. We didn’t lose our dignity by casting a vote for a man like Trump. We didn’t lose sight that respect for all people included women and children, black and white, straight and gay, disabled, etc. We didn’t lose the range of scope on issues for all Americans. And we certainly didn’t lose the work that still must be done to confront bigotry, discrimination, racism and hatred that exists.

I’m ashamed to be American right now. The message spoken throughout the world is, Depravity of Character. Republicans supported this just to win. They won. And we lost what America stood for tonight. Everything the republicans said they stood for in values is forever tarnished.

But this is not the time to give up or give in. Half of America still believes in dignity and freedom for ALL Americans, not just some. It was a close race which means, we are not alone, far from it. We have each other and we are strong. We will fight minority injustice. We will stand up against sexual assault. We will fight for the elderly and poor. We will stand for LGBT rights. We will fight the NRA control of congress. We will fight for healthcare for all. And we will preserve the diversity of our nation and the dignity of all life through these next four years. Republicans failed this when they supported Trump.

It is always a humble reminder that politics isn’t the object of hope we can depend on to survive and thrive. There is a much greater hope outside of politics. One that doesn’t sway or disappoint with elections. It is a humble reminder that even when America elects the most despicable leader possible, there is still a greater power who rules with love, power, respect, kindness, fairness, and true justice. We have much hope, each of us, even if it isn’t through our political system right now. It is a humble reminder that while false hopes are disappointing, their breakage leads to a better one.

It is time to rest and recoup for awhile, not give way to apathy or despondency. It is time to refresh and nurture our hearts and souls.

Democrats- You didn’t lose your dignity. Save that for self nurture right now and a renewed vision~