(UPDATE: Trump Wins Election, and more than my ego being hurt is my pride in my country, I’ve lost it for the first time in my life. I do, however, know God is still in control.)


I will heat up the Noodles for tonight. As I said, If I am wrong and Trump wins, you can beat me with a wet noodle. If I am right and Hillary wins, pour some spaghetti sauce on it and enjoy the meal! I haven’t been wrong yet and don’t plan on being wrong with this election.

In fact this was an easier call than previous elections despite the polls. The sticker shock will be when the polls have shown R voters and then an unprecedented amount of those Republican voters (women, minorities) secretly choosing the Democrat President when the votes are finally counted. This is something the polls cannot show. Dems have won the election will many less Democratic voters on previous elections. This and many other factors all favor Hillary. So yes, I’m a little smug at the moment and chilling my Champagne for tonight.

Tonight we will celebrate the first US Madam President in US history.

Tonight, the craziness of this election is over. 

Tonight, we move forward. 


After it is official, come back and tell me how you like the spaghetti  🙂