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God is not the face of any political organization

or ministry no matter how seemingly pious

He is not Democrat or Republican, the liberal or conservative

He doesn’t sit on the US Supreme Court as a Justice

or as the President of a nation

God is not the face of mega churches or popular religious leaders

He isn’t enclosed within in stained glass or marble.

That is all idolatry.

Who thinks he can elect a savior of a nation, the world?

God doesn’t need a vote to be Sovereign.

He doesn’t mock women, the poor, the disabled
Rather, He holds them up in His care and protects them.

God doesn’t condemn people, He forgives them and stands against those who do condemn.

God doesn’t save me to put my faith in politics or religious bodies

But he does humble me, correct me and gives me the strength to say that there is no better show of idolatry in this election then by the very people who claim faith in a sovereign God. Myself included.

For me, for you, for anyone to tell another – God says you must vote this way for His will to be done, he is a liar.

We are all strategically placed in different circumstances, in different skin and ethnic backgrounds, coming from different experiences so that we are passionate about the dignity and care for all people. We can have differences of opinion and perspectives except on one thing, either God is God or He isn’t.

We each vote our conscience, at the end of the day He has control.

Personally, I was more concerned about a despicable man like Trump elected POTUS until I realized it is more a grievance that many in the church are giving no more hope or inspiration to a hurting, volatile world than Politics.

The bigger picture? Stop the idolatry.

Stand up for peace, protection, human dignity, freedom and healing for all Americans before and after the election no matter who wins.

I voted for Hillary. I voted my heart and conscience.
I cannot understand why anyone would dismiss and minimize the issue of sexual assault, degradation of women, abuse of power, pathological lying, narcissism, greed, arrogance, pride, etc… especially by people of faith. I don’t get it!

But there are people of faith on all sides of the isle and all have different passions, concerns that God himself has given to each person. None of us should be so arrogant to mock His will and perfection by the politics we play. None of us can say, ‘Vote for so and so’ in the name of God or for God. No, that is human superiority and idolatry speaking. Β At the end of the day you might find God isn’t on either side and need to look for Him elsewhere.

Lord, I failed again. Once again I wanted Trump to fall off a cliff or something. Forgive me. I’m trying so hard. Help me focus on you and trust you. Amen