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Pops another Tylenol for the political headache as it is too early to graduate to a beer. But this is politics. None of us can stomach the watching Trump and his campaign manager vomit their smiles across tv, especially when they have done nothing but try to destroy the very virtue of truth telling and political integrity.

But I had this happen before. My grandmother was a gun wielding pathological liar, thief, a narcissist and an abuser. Unfortunately, I was the only one in my family that refused a relationship with her at the soonest age that I could. My mother on the other hand, was a very good woman.

One day when I was twenty-five my grandmother called me and said, ‘I saw your father.’ Uh no, he was dead. She was a liar, a pathological liar and it was known to everyone.

β€œNo he is alive,” she said over the phone which I happened to answer. We didn’t have caller id in those days. I was twenty-three. I sat on it for about a year and then investigated the story on my own. I found a connection in an out of state county, back when one could investigate and verify information over the phone. I left my number for leads. One day a lady calls me, said she was my sister, that I was too late, he died six months ago.

The one person I expected the truth from, lied to me. The person I expected nothing but lies from, told me the truth basically on these two instances. Talk about confusing.

Truth is important regardless of whom it comes from. Lies are a form of control. We know politicians self protect. We know they lie because we know every human being on earth has lied. That is not an excuse for anything it is just a reality (if you have the integrity to measure a little white lie the same thing as a huge lie). Did Hillary lie about not knowing what C for classified meant? I think that is pretty obvious to anyone who deals with classified material. And I am sure she has lied about other things by virtue of being a politician and a human being.

Did Donald Trump tell the truth about Hillary? No. Donald rarely tells the truth about anything, this is well documented and open for public evaluation. There are many witnesses and people that have testified against Trump with what we know so far. Even Pence and his campaign manager have said he didn’t say something after it was publicly said. The public has these facts and the public can verify these facts that are already out there for themselves. Because of tight confidentiality documents in the Trump camp (read the admission of volunteers that signed their right away to EVER talk negative about Trump or his family for the rest of their life) because the Trump camp will sue anyone, even his own sexually harassed victims, the public only has what brave whistle blowers admit, and yet will be subject to lawsuit. Sexual harassment is also a criminal act, just like lying about not knowing what C means on a document.

The investigation with Hillary will bring out the facts. We have a justice system that is suppose to comply with the philosophy, innocent until proven guilty. Clinton has not been found guilty in a court of law, no matter what Donald or anyone else says. Trump has been proven guilty of constantly lying by former associates, by reporters, and by the public just on the little that was released about him.

Here is the point I really want to make. Trump and the GOP are not qualified, nor have been proven trustworthy enough to state what the facts are. The FBI will state the facts as they did before. A pathological liar and those who support him have not proven themselves to be anywhere near the truth, whether it is with – the email investigation or simple verifiable facts they actually have denied. This certainly is a rush for his supporters, but then again, his supporters have proven not to fact check things or care about a wide range of issues that came up in this campaign.

I’m very curious as to why Comey said what he said, exactly how he said it. The one thing that is a dead ringer for a reg flag is this- they do not know when the investigation will be concluded. This is the thing we should all worry about. The investigation with Weiner may have started in September and so it would be reasonable to assume that the timing is just a natural progression of the investigation itself. But here is the thing, he announced the investigation rather than just continuing investigating a case that was already open. Did you get that? The case was never officially closed, it was open although the investigation completed. The announcement, with a specific mention of not knowing when they can conclude with the facts on the case, is exactly what is not adding up. The investigation itself is not out of the ordinary here (even if it is 11 days from election) as it is a progression from another case. What is abnormal, well investigate where else Comey had to qualify investigating a case already open (even if completed) and two, where else he mentions that a timeline of facts cannot be construed for the public.

At least my grandma told the truth, once or twice. And as awful as she was, at least she didn’t paint herself savior and saint. But watching Trump and Republicans get political religion just in time to condemn before the facts (as usual) is putrid. This isn’t going to win all the Clinton supporters over to an abusive, pathological liar’s side. I’m still for Clinton until the facts prove otherwise. Trump has already proved he isn’t capable of truth, decency or respect.

Until the facts prove otherwise – if Comey can’t produce them before Nov 8th, he is liable to be investigated for corruption himself when the Trump and the GOP blame him either way for obscuring justice when Hillary wins, regardless of whether she is innocent or guilty. And this is exactly how Trump and GOP is playing the rigged card.

Cheer up, reality tv has never been better πŸ˜›


(NOTE- it is important to clarify between a closed FBI case and a completed investigation. Comey had completed the investigation finding no evidence of criminal conduct. Technically and according to Lawfare, Comey is not re-opening the original case as the case was never officially closed although it was completed. These terms have legal specific applications and implications and Comey’s letter specifically garners ambiguity, as was meant to be).Β