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epa05132347 Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly waits for the start of a Republican Presidential debate, sponsored by Fox News and Google, at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, 28 January 2016. The Iowa caucuses, held on 01 February, are the first electoral test for presidential candidates seeking their party's nominations.  EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

I don’t watch Fox News. In fact I steer clear of a one-sided, media outlet. But I would publicly like to state that I really admire Megyn Kelly taking a stand against Trump, Republicans and powerful evangelical leaders that are minimizing and evading sexual assault issues against women. One can certainly understand what a difficult position she is in and empathize as her own party attacks her character for framing the issue of sexual assault- a REAL, moral, civil and spiritual issue.

You see, the people who call themselves Democrat, Republican, or Independent at some point have to ask the question, aren’t sexual assault issues a significant part of the abortion, divorce, healthcare, mental health, illegal immigration (fleeing countries where women have no protections), and economic issues?

Are not sexual assault issues a part of the longer, historical picture when once, little protections were afforded to women and children as legal property?

For whatever personal, conservative convictions Megyn Kelly has about all the issues, she is at least consistent with them here by standing up publicly on the topic of sexual assault. The head spin for me in all of this is that conservatives who fought for the last eight years against gay marriage (a consensual act between adults) now throw up their hands and defend a man who, himself, confessed to forcing himself on women in his position of power (and they are willing to give him the highest position in the US).

People like Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow are the real influencers, willing to look at the hard issues straight in the eye and refuse deflection. These are the people who make the difference and will continue making impact because they are forcing the honest discussions we need in our society. If only politicians, if all of us, stand up and force the conversation, even in an election year, even about a presidential candidate, even as an integrated moral, spiritual, political, and legal issue.

Trump once gave a despicable plea to the dying that before they go out, they should vote for him. Well, the Republican party and top evangelical influencers heeded the call.