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Open Letter On This Campaign

Trying to start this letter is proving quite difficult. There are so many things I want to convey but sometimes with ADHD the words swirl like a cyclone within the current, political climate. In fact, this is the first time I’ve been this outspoken during any political campaign and while never intending my poetry site to be used as a political portal, I simply cannot in good conscience dismiss this campaign as ‘politics as usual’ and just merrily go off on my own, poetic trails.

As a sexual assault surviver, I know how women are being triggered by Trump’s campaign. As one who has struggled with disabilities, I know how insulting it is to be personally affronted by Trump just by turning on my tv. In fact, the simple act of listening to the radio, engaging on social media or trying to watch what is happening around the world on broadcast television becomes confronting. Political campaigns usually involve some sort of policy strategy brought forth by the candidates. However, the spaces in-between the debates are simply, moral degradation fillers feeding the masses. And even the debates are far from informative. Issues like as lgbt rights are strangely ignored which is quite odd since Pence is Trumps running mate. If most Evangelicals were not standing behind Trump to revoke gay marriage, abortion rights, and expand religious freedoms potentially revoking gay rights through his supreme court justice nominee picks… it might not be so odd. But the silence on these things is deafening.

I don’t claim to know exactly how everyone feels with what I can only describe as a loud circus circling the block over and over again. But I personally feel that I’m done with being affected by Trump’s ‘Look at Me, Look at Me…Me…Me…’ craziness any longer. What he says and does is sickening and I can only take so much before feeling sick. I’ve done my part and now I need myself, my sanity, control over world news again and casual, easygoing interactions back with exception to responding to what I have already posted here.

In other words, I know who I’m voting for and jumping off this crazy train. Mental and emotional health are important. It is unfortunate that these things can be affected by one who is running for the President of the United States. Those who have come out of cults understand the deeper dynamic going on. Those who have fought hard in the feminist movement for women’s rights understand the dynamics in this. Immigrants understand this on a level some of us will never comprehend. Sexual assault survivors see right through him. The disabled know it. Those bullied in school get it. The poor understand self centered personalities. Muslims get it. Mexicans are fully aware. If he could only look beyond himself maybe he would, someday, if ever. People talk about healing a nation and we need that on a bipartisan level. Unfortunately, Trump can’t blow off an insincere apology to everyone stated above and expect the country to heal. His divisive damage is done and it will take true leaders and the rest of us to tackle that feat.

I will miss Obama and Michelle. I have had major disagreements on some policy issues but as they say, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. Having a polished, cool headed, sensitive, smart, caring (about diverse groups and issues) president means something in contrast to the loud mouth running now. And Michelle is wonderful person.

I will finish with this. I see nothing positive, hopeful, or healing is coming from this presidential election campaign and that is directly related to Trump’s campaign. Hillary has been the sane, mature, collected adult in all of this. But we do have a hopeful, positive and national healing ahead despite what is happening because we are Americans and many voices make up our voice. Some may disagree with me that it is now near impossible for Trump to win and that is okay because the reality is, it hasn’t happened yet. But whomever is elected president, we will ride it out if it is to our disliking. This isn’t the end of the world as we know it although there will be consequences as in any election. But I am done with the insanity and ‘the political crazies’ out there. Mental and emotional health are too important to waste it on him.

Without further ado, starting my political vacation and it’s already starting to feel like a wonderful tropical island. Here are some helpful online hints to deal with your own peaceful, tropical weather getaway ~


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Melanie Tonia Evans

“The more you obsess, the harder and stronger the energy of the narcissist is in your mind and this takes over your entire life.

The Observer

Stay away if you can, otherwise you will be victimized by them or, even worse, you will become one of them.

When I spoke to Stanford professor Bob Sutton, he told me his number one piece of advice to students was this:

“When you take a job take a long look at the people you’re going to be working

with—because the odds are you’re going to become like them, they are not

going to become like you.”

And if you spend more time with good people you will become, um, good-er.


Here’s Yale professor Nicholas Christakis:


We’ve shown that altruistic behavior ripples through networks and so does

meanness. Networks will magnify whatever they are seeded with. They will

magnify Ebola and fascism and unhappiness and violence, but also they

will magnify love and altruism and happiness and information.

Every chance you get, surround yourself with people who are good to you.

And be good to them.


Don’t fight narcissism. Starve it.


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And an excellent article from someone I’ve read for years, Steve Hassan – Does Trump Display the Stereotypical Profile of a Cult Leader