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Book lovers or readers have their own set of vocabulary. With a high influx of new words each day here are 10 terms/words every book lover should be aware of. Also, it is necessary to know its correct meaning or else it can surely put a question mark on your reader label! Gone are the days when we used to flaunt the words bookworm and bibliophile. Time to upgrade your word power fellas.

  1. Bibliosmia

The act of smelling the aroma of the book. Yes! Many of you book lovers are already imagining that smell.

  1. Scrollmate

This is a feeling when a reader feels connected to a particular author.

  1. Book-Bosomed

It is used to describe someone who always carries a book with herself.

  1. Bibliomania

Someone who is too fond of collecting and hoarding books.

  1. Readultery

It happens when a person is reading more than one book and becomes unfaithful to the…

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