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And he already said it like it is. Trump has lost and hopefully he will go and lick his wounds in a private corner without having the rest of us suffer him any longer after the race. What no one has stated about the debate yet was the intense, emotional control Hillary had to have just to be in the same room with this man and his supporters.

You know, I thought we’d come so far as a nation with sexual assault issues and respect for women. The very act of Trump having those four women at the debate and them willingly standing with a man who has admitted on tape to taking advantage of women while in a power position is daunting. What woman stating she was sexually assaulted would so easily side with a man who objectifies, insults and uses his position of power to look on naked women and sexually grab them?

This is the real issue, among many. This isn’t locker room talk ā€“ it is sexual predator talk. This isn’t just about American women, it is about women across the world. Are we going to go back one hundred years where women are property and men dominate and minimize the justice system on rape and sexual assault issues?

The constitution did not automatically give equal rights and value all voices. For every minority group, there was and still is, a generational fight to be rightfully acknowledged within the ‘all men created equal’ concept.

As I stated before, Trump lost my respect when he uses his position and public platform to degrade the dignity of life for all men. Evangelicals who vote for him based on who he will appoint as supreme court justices are once again ignoring the dignity of life for all men and women as equals. I always had respect for differences of opinion but the hypocrisy on these issues usually get in the way.

I am disgusted with Trump and his supporters who want to make this a NON ISSUE when it is. And I refuse to go back and tear down the progress we as a nation made for womens rights. And you wonder why Trump refused to answer the humanitarian questions in the debate.

Jail Hillary? Are you serious? As someone already said, Trump acted like he was in a third world political system. Trump is a dictator who has no respect for anyone. If I were a man I would have cringed when he said, ‘No one respects women more than I do.’ If that were true, we wouldn’t be having this conversation across the nation. He simply lives in his own world obviously as some of his supporters do. I mean, this is what was so great about Trump right, that he speaks his mind and that he is honest right? Except that he’s not and his supporters can’t even acknowledge a truth outside of what Trump says is truth.

Sexual assault is the issue, among many here. You don’t get to erase or deny that fact just because… Trump is a predator. Words to hate me by, but hey, living outside the bubble is nice.