Loquaciously Yours

Yesterday The New York Timesbroke a fascinating story, actual tax returns signed by Trump and Maples having been mailed to a reporter– that in 1996 Donald Trump, Republican Nominee for President of the United States, reported a loss of nearly 1 billion dollars to the Internal Revenue Service.  The implications:  under various IRS regulations presumably put in place for honest people who undergo catastrophic business failure, TRUMP IS LIKELY TO HAVE BEEN PUT IN THE TAX BRACKET OF SOMEONE WHO DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY ANY FEDERAL TAXES FOR TWENTY YEARS.

So it is that we now have a bright, shiny gold-leaf key to the failure of this idiot to release his tax returns.  So it is that the tormented, mostly insane and inane saga of the Trump Candidacy takes another downward turn that should knock him out of the running– provided, of course, that any members of the…

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