Ode to the Gorilla Girls~

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img_4003Guerrilla Girls: Is It Even Worse in Europe?
at Whitechapel Gallery
Until 5th March 2017

When the Guerrilla Girls first started to stir things up in New York back in the 1980s, confronting the establishment on the underrepresentation of women artists in museums, they probably themselves assumed, or at least hoped, they would not still have to be making the same points some 30+ years later.

But here they are. Again.

In this new exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, Is It Even Worse in Europe?, the Guerrilla Girls ask some awkward questions of Europe’s most illustrious contemporary art institutions and get some interesting, albeit sometimes depressing, answers.

The Guerrilla Girls are an anonymous group of feminist artist-activists who go by the names of famous women artists of the past – for the opening of this new show at the Whitechapel Gallery, ‘Frida Kahlo’ and ‘Kathe Kollwitz’ were in attendance – the group members preserve…

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