In the new year, my love
life will blossom.
I taste this craziness
like lips suckling peaches,grapes
stuck to the vine
and release those unlettered words
our dear, precious butterflies
flying away from despair
transcending above vertical fields
and its soiled webs.
Does my euphoria
ever frighten you darling?

The heart can be forsaken
to be happy
no longer the probationer in fear 
of being lost somewhere
far, far away.
And if you ever stop longing for me
should I despise the collapse
of layered skies?
No, it is your freedom 
I tattoo on my thoughts
your proximity that sweats my thigh.
I'd bid you farewell, my love
and continue on
in my dying.

Darling look, the moon licked
the caramel off the owl
but his eyes are still full of butterscotch.
Where are his prey?
Asleep my love, asleep.
Dance with me
under this midnight strobe
how could this joy betray our senses
even winds are exhibitionists
groping the attention 
of those in conscious living.

In the new year, my love
life will blossom again
all these seasons made pure
by our sanity and delusions.
Love me always darling
smile at my snowflake confetti 
or I may lose heart at their melt.
Take me gently into your kingdom
where I am protected in your heart
and by your arms
from the lynching crowds
accusing me of being a witch
with magic potions
conjuring spells
to hold you as my prisoner
for love and devotion.

No my love, I am nothing
I am slowly disappearing 
into the mouth of life
be it a whale or the dawn
I will go into
the acidic deep
without hiding
my disfigurement.

But if you need
to hold untarnished beauty
if that is what makes your heart
leap once more
then go in peace my love.
My world is both real
and make believe.
I'm still holding
crystal sculptures
that glow in the dark.

Β© Tammy Mezera 2016
 (Book-All In Unison)