As a fellow struggler with Adhd.,. I get it! Giving hugs and support ~

Mad Girl

I am a warrior. I get to shout it out that I am a survivor and not a victim to my mental illness every single day that I am alive. That is my right and most certainly my freedom. No more boundaries or secrets; no more masks and definitely no more false games permitted.

Anyone who knows me can say that I am a big dreamer, often beyond my means. Growing up was so tough because I had the hardest time grasping the concept of dreams versus reality. Ask my parents, I ALWAYS had big plans of a million sorts. What is the saying .. Dream into the clouds with your feet on the ground. ADHD has a huge role in my ability to drift way up into the clouds. I always said that I felt like I was creating a lifetime movie up there with synchronized music and all!…

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