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“I believe that together we can make sure that the next generation gets quality mental health care—without shame, without stigma, without barriers. And that we can do so much more to help people right here and now.” – Hillary Clinton, August 29, 2016

Hillary-8You may notice that I am not taking Hillary Clinton’s 38-point platform {refer toPart I for the list) in any particular order, and it is likely that there will be a few that I won’t address at all, but in case you are disturbed by my lack of sequential order, let me assure you there is no method to my madness.  It is just the way my mind works.  Today, however, there actually is a reason for the topic:  timeliness.  On Monday, 29 August, Hillary Clinton made what has been referred to as “one of the most consequential announcements of her campaign”, but it went…

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