Who hasn’t he insulted or demoralized? Oh, maybe Putin. There is no justification or political plan that erases his character. Those who vote for him support the worst in America, not the best. Feel free to stop following me anytime for saying so. In fact, please do so if you are in denial over the way he has treated others. I won’t lose any sleep over it. The man’s character is deplorable and I just cannot understand how anyone can justify his behavior.

Make America Great again? We hear that every time election day rolls around. The people who make America great are those who have respect for another, honor diversity, try to understand the other side, build one another up, help in time of crises, etc. It is a narcissist that thinks He is the only one that can do it.


@ Serge Kovaleski… I didn’t forget Trump’s mockery and then his ugly lie to save his own arse. He mocked every single person with a disability through that display.