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children-dartmouth The Children – Dartmouth


      Children have their own well defined idea of the future.
For them it is Christmas, morning, birthday,
tomorrow, tonight.
Beyond that all is optimism.

      I am leaving my first job today.
The future is an intimidating prospect.
The unknown, as in Conrad’s novels,
can only be evil, malignant, oppressive.

 *     *     *

But for me!  This is an end.
The corpse of tomorrow,
The bones, the dust of ‘then’.
They kill me now
They live in my past
And corrode my future
For nothing decays the mind like knowledge.

And the future?
It is strangling me now. Rigid in its clutch;
Still and expiring
It holds me, stifles me.
Like a taut spring it pulls me to destruction.

And is that innocence?  The present?
If the future is experience,
the corrosive element, something…

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