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A song that plays 
for all the egotistical 
and abusive 
 arses in the World
who think their spit 
is High Tide

*    *    *

Think your spit

is high tide

and gonna drown

the dissenters?

It won’t be long

until you swallow

with all you said

to follow


Maybe it’s time

to shut the hell up

build a bridge

with ropes your

tongue can tie

maybe you can

save your mouth

from turning into

an open, sucking drain

like you think the world is

for your coming


Who is gonna save

the choking man

opening his mouth wide

to a typhoon

learning it hard

when it hurts

when going down

the liquid burns


Maybe it’s time

you learn the words

rescued by silence

hidden by lips

maybe it’s just time

to shut up

taste some integrity

a little compassion

make wisdom

the cool sip

tongues can swim

and survive

some humanity


© Tammy Mezera 2016