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Time to clear up those Monday blues with some more conservation good news stories from across the web.

First stop on the Dodo Express is Mexico.

Fireflies help stave off deforestation

The Guardian reports that in the village of Nanacamilipa, tiny fireflies are helping save the towering pine and fir trees on the outskirts of Mexico City.

2850-1 Camp spaces in Piedra Canteada park sold out weeks in advance to see thousands of fireflies light up the night. Photograph: Rebecca Blackwell/AP

For years, economic forces, including low prices for farm produce, forced rural communities like Piedra Canteada to cut down trees and sell the logs. Then, in 1990, community leader Genaro Rueda Lopez got the idea that the forest could bring tourism revenue from campers.

With business slow for years, the community members realized the millions of fireflies that appear between June and August could draw tourists from larger cities where…

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