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We will be back shorty to a poetic rendezvous after this post!

Of course I couldn’t help it after coming across the Secret Video Recorder app. I get a kick out of spy stuff, always have. But I love counter surveillance even more, especially in this day and age. Just going to put this out there like it is because after years of writing plainly, there isn’t an option anymore for the security clearances and the like. That being said, whew. Now I will say it like it is after drooling over some TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) kits on the internet even though the science is way too far above my head. But I still really, really, really want the camera hunter! Ehem, anyway.

I admire Snowden and in many ways he is a hero to the American Public. However, it is hypocritical to criticize Wikileaks for the handling of sensitive information when he, himself, allowed sensitive information of agents and allies to land in journalists laps. Lives were put at risk which is the one thing I can not stomach in these situations and exclude heroism from that aspect. But that black and white line broke, what was simply enough stated or defined was really a paradox in the making. It used to be, us and them… meaning, our country and theirs. But my trust in a Democratic government is gone and it will never be the same for many of us. For those of you who do not know, I was in the process of obtaining a Q Clearance before I got sick. So I really was trying to wrap my head with both ends of this ethical dilemma. The magnitude of betrayal towards the American people through misleading information (propaganda) and the scourge on the democratic process and legalities pertaining to citizens rights is still shocking. But endangering the lives of our agents and citizens by name was also a betrayal. I don’t know how else to look at it. It’s not a simple negotiation from one side of the line to the other. I am proud he stepped forward, and also angry that lives were at risk. I also have concerns that the grand scope of terrorism is not the full threat of what we are really dealing with.

We see this on a smaller scale everyday in the news – police/citizens. The spoken current of this national and local phenomenon is- privacy vs. protection. However the undercurrent really is, protection of government/corporation privacy and power. Again, in real life, imho it is not all about the good guys vs the bad guys or how close/far each of us nears that line. To me, it is about the changing of a democracy where a two party, political system and powerful, corporate entities are heads of their own states, so to speak. It is about the desertion of nationalism for this group or that, for this principle or belief over that one. And we are destroying ourselves within it. It takes a lot of courage for Snowden and other whistleblowers to break the bow of denials that are so seeped into this mentality – If we tell the truth, will we drown and will we still be who we are? But who is going to do anything about it? What, vote? Um… that is really kind of a wimpy answer. Ok. Yes the system is complex, more than meets the eye. But it is not a diverse system by any means, that would mean we could all vote for congress to vote on gun control, we could all vote for congress to stop monitoring and collecting information on the nation as if all citizens were criminals. No, diversity would mean we could vote for congress to vote on making powerful changes to the justice system, education, mental health, food production, corporate interference on better policies, etc. But I digress.

Back to surveillance. Smart tv’s are only smart for the investigator or hacker, as they can watch and listen to you through them. This is no secret as it is the same with the smart phone. Try to remove Onstar from the vehicle and the vehicle will no longer run. The brand new technology we hear of today is at least ten to fifteen years old. In theory of course, social media and the internet gave psycholinguistic analysis a ride for each of our profiles. And by the way, whenever I hear apathy on privacy rights without the knowledge or consideration to how it pertains to power and control my jaw drops. Whomever or whatever controls the information and the dissemination of information, is powerful. There is just no way around that. It makes me want to say to those who say ‘oh whatever I’ve got noting to hide’ to go sleep, shower, and have sex in a glass house then! But even that doesn’t explain the crux of danger.

I want to protect the whistleblowers, those who were courageous in keeping lives safe. I want to protect the journalists, novelists, and trouble makers that have the courage to stand up against unprecedented power that persecutes the truth and even those whom honor it as an integral part of life. It is the truth that says we are all liars in some form or fashion when we have to (fill in the blank here). If the undercurrent mentioned regarding certain events are consistently observed on a microscopic level (locally) then it is a part of a much bigger state of affairs. It is a tsunami. Nothing here exists in a vacuum except a cyclic dust of apathy. The truth will tell us all about our own sorry state of useless pride and hypocritical public personas. It will embarrass and chide us when as a nation or as an individual talking out of both sides of the mouth, becomes the norm. Of course we can, because we vote (said sarcastically).

It isn’t so simple anymore but then again it never was (once past the propaganda and inundation of group think). Which means; yes, we need government, we need white/black hats as the conflictual greater good is not to be sold to us, but rather born of us.



© Tammy Mezera 2016