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I’ve been ADD hyper-focused on these playlists and luckily (for everyone around me) it didn’t last for more than a week. While it is still a work in progress, I’ve made excellent headway and have some real gems that are not just short clip, sound effects. From relaxing in the woods to deep sea diving to a fantasy rooms like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, these playlists can take a writer to many places in sound and video visuals. Also, I’ve added here the link to my a Relaxation Playlist of soft jazz and new age which I love to write to as well. Hope you enjoy~

TmezPoetry – YouTube

Playlists For Writers


Playlist One









-Winter/Snow, Etc






-Fire/Indoor & Out


Playlist Two

-Wild/Domestic Animals




-Old West


-Coal Mine

-Fantasy and Animated


Playlist Three












Playlist Four


-Religions Prayers/Chants/Ceremonies


TmezPoetry Relaxing Sounds

Playlist – Relaxing Music

(Jazz, New age, etc)