Great post about pursuing a major in Arts~

Caroline Corinne

About one year ago, I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Studio Art.

I chose to study art first: to devote six years of my life to the pursuit of direction within myself, always guided by the fundamental rhetoric of the arts because I knew that what this study called up within me would allow for refined pursuit of my other academic interests in future degrees.

At times, enforced by philistine ideologies in certain cultural circles, variants of the phrases every art student is intimately and begrudgingly familiar with would surface: “What are you going to be able to do with that?”, “Oh, so you have to go to grad school”, or in some cases so far as…

“I’ll come visit you in your cardboard box!”

I am happy to report that, roughly one year post-graduation, I am not yet living in that box (in fact I’ve grown…

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