Our Anita will be published in Winamp magazine (August Issue). Sorry Anita, I’m allowed to have a big mouth on this hehe πŸ™‚

As it Comes


Shout to the soul,
the core of our life
as echoes try to balance –
vying for place on a path,
desperate to secure
a gracious way
to independence.
Struggles heave a heavy sigh,
sobbing is still a crime,
also belief of the past.
Some are relieved
of its passing –
I am part of it still.
So go brave soldiers
cast a glance into glory,
fix a stance onto unwelcome
Let your goals enliven you,
shake off your crumbling layers –
I am breaking free (from you),
let the deluge be me –
a catalyst, crisp, free, strong,
with inner workings of mind and spirit
stretching uncontrollable urges
which are my awakening.
It is raw, found blood,
clinging to life’s vessels
surging through my soul –
waking with a song to be sung
as I fly ever upwards –
wings spread, rejuvenated.
As I reach the apex

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