Thank you Tookii for nominating me in this Blogger Award πŸ™‚ It will be permanently displayed on the awards page with the link to your site! Now everyone knows I buck the rules a little but don’t tell the Blogger Warden hehe.

TmezPoetry Rules for nominees; Post award on website, choose any number of nominees, make your own rules as you go along πŸ™‚

Nominees are-

1 –Β Anita Lubesh

2 –Β DebasisΒ 

3 – Rose Wolfe

4 – Huzaifazoom

5- Christina Carrillo

6 – Soul SymphoniesΒ 

7- Secondhalfwoman


9- Maremma Gee

10- Oscar Dandelion

11- Karen Kleis Β 

12- Tony BurgessΒ 

13- Recollections At Fall

Not very accepts awards and that is ok! It is just a simple way of saying you thought of someone~