I’m not sure I am reblogging here right (hope this works). This is a great initiative for all writers. This Saturday Write For Peace- more info at this website. Check out his poem at his website with more information on this.

The Poetry Channel

I want to live in a world
without mushroom clouds,
drive-by shootings,
and tear-gassed crowds.
Without ethnic cleansing,
or military coups,
Blacks versus Whites,
warring Arabs and Jews.
Give me a world
without nuclear missiles
where there are no rapes,
or indifferent dismissals.
With Protectors and Leaders
who do as they are charged,
seeking justice, and safety,
for the world at large.
I dream, for everyone,
a planet without walls.
Healing hands to hold
when one of us falls.
Where education is the answer,
rather than a cage with bars,
and we value all life
more than flatscreens and cars.
Give me a world of one spirit,
if not of one people,
and faith not confined
to stained glass and steeple.
A world without hatred, apathy,
and fear,
a place where kindness is valued,
air is fresh, and water clear.
Give me a world,
in this time, in this…

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