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Sam – Now why did we do the dumb thing and become adults?

Pam – Force of nature I suppose. But don’t worry honey, there is a child in you yet.

Sam – Uh huh, I happen to like our play time.

Pam – Sam!

Sam – Pam! Seriously, it’s like being married to a Dr. Suess rhyme. Hello Pam, Hello Sam,   want some ham? There’s spam in the can if you don’t like ham!

Pam – Oh honey, there are worse things I have never given much thought to in the beginning, like pregnancy for example.

Sam – Huh? We have three beautiful kids, the pregnancies were fine.

Pam – (gives him a sarcastic look) Remember on our third date we tried to buy cowboy hats and boots to go line dancing at that country bar? I remember you couldn’t find a hat large enough to fit your head. I should have noticed it then, no one ever told me to think about it when dating.

Sam – Well, that is what you get for marrying a brainy guy. Oh, I ran into Debbie this afternoon.

Pam – Debbie Downer? Better you than me, I swear that woman is a de-railed train of constant seriousness and whoa. Does she ever lighten up?

Sam – The world is a happening place hun. She told me to tell you hello.

Pam – (contorts face, drops eyes, lips drag)

H e l l – o   D e b b i e,   h o w   a r e   y o u r   b u n i o n s   d o i n g   t o d a y

Sam – Corns, Eeyore, at least she is vegetarian about it.

Pam – That was gross, Pooh!

Sam – And where is dat wabbit! (he tickles her in a frisky way)

Pam – Ok seriously stop now, that does not do it for me.

Sam – I know what will (he raises one brow).

Pam – (smiles) I think this is why we became adults.

Sam – Yeah the only reason, besides my sports car that is.

Pam – Don’t forget the great wines to sample, traveling cross country and spa days.

Sam – Yeah, now let’s get back to the main point!

© Tammy Mezera 2016