It is not just you. I thought I was crazy for awhile, thinking when did I delete this or that person or how come the ‘like’ or comment didn’t show on a blog. After all we are only trying to support one another. Then, of course before I realized it, people were adding me back on at an especially a sensitive time when many followers really stopped following due to a sensitive post or topic. So it was hard to define which was which. I prefer 10 interactive followers over hundreds, numbers isn’t my thing at all which is why I am proud of my 20BelowClub site.


The problems in WordPress are many, and if you receive the security issues updated in email you’ll realize that is a little disappointing that WordPress does not specifically deal with the follow/unfollow issues that are happening like mad across the internet. Also, watch when logging on for a re-direct in the address line. Some free and cost themes no longer work or are not being updated to deal with these issues. Again it is a mass issue.

This is just to say, it can cause frustrations and perhaps misunderstandings. A loyal, interactive follower will obviously catch it, the rest… you can’t win them all πŸ™‚