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My Rant-

I can’t help it. Every time this happens I just get sick to my stomach. Loved ones are still waiting to hear if their family, friends are alive, if they are going to make it. We hurt for them. This is the time to think of them rather than defending guns or politics. Please do not disregard the loss of human life by DEFENSE of guns or pro- assault gun politics.
Bottom line is, the fact is…

Assault weapons were not banned when they killed our children in the schools.

Assault weapons are a common denominator is mass shootings.

Assault weapons are legal.

You cannot tackle someone with an assault rifle as you can with a knife although they are both legal. Oh sorry, only a certain size knife is legal- go figure.

Assault weapons do not need to be sold to the public.

If you’re a gun advocate wanting to say different, go somewhere else because I will erase your comment. There are no lobbyists here for you and I’m not sorry about that. I lobby for the victims.

If you’re a politician who voted against banning assault weapons, blood is on your hands. If you didn’t care to change it when our children died, how could you care if anyone else does by this means?

If you are the NRA, there is a difference between gun rights and assault rights!!!!

None of you have anything to say here.

Frankly, I am so pissed, so disheartened about this and get this way every time this happens. It is always touted as a senseless act of violence. It is senseless, and senseless again, every time. But every loss of life is far from senseless. A weapon to kill so many people, so quickly, for public ownership, is senseless. Yes this is senseless. But how many times do we have to watch it, hear it, say it for it to make a difference? Sigh….

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Orlando and their friends and loved ones.




(Going offline now for today…. Just too emotional for now)