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I’m so sorry

it hurts me to realize

how I can batter those

who like me

have been battered enough


I grieve that I’ve been

a part of that judging parade

blinded by the floats across the way

criticizing groups as whole

from my safe side of justifications


You know,

we all don’t agree on everything

or how things should be done

but I look at myself as knowing

I need mercy and grace more than most

I’m not the prize child


Dear brother and sister christian

like me often hurting

struggling, having been abused

and knowing that there is nothing

to boast about within us

when all we want to do

is accept his love and grace and mercy

for ourselves


I’m sorry that few have influenced

this journey of ours

and so many on all sides,

have judged us, as we have as well

and we in turn wave carelessly

a sword to the coming crowds


perfection, get it elsewhere

but for the great and small,

the babe and the aged,

those right and wrong,

the wise and foolish

on this journey

I’m so sorry

I took the lesser road



© Tammy Mezera 2016