And in the lucky number seven spot – Sheri from BrokenFingernails! Now she is going do what all the honorees have exclaimed to do after being named a privileged seat at 20BelowClub– She is going to Disney World and taking every one of you with her to celebrate! (crowd goes crazy) … Well ok, I’m being goofy here  😉   Welcome Sheri!

Hip Hip Hurray!

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This is now the official post for new seats and will be updated accordingly. There are 10 seats left. Eligible Mensa’s- please refrain from all gassy foods before nomination.

Please Welcome-

8th Chair – Dtc1294

9th Chair – Karen Lee Kleis 

(These two walked in together so I am assuming they must be the chatter mouths of the bunch) … ok you two, hold up the chit chat for a sec, hey, this is important… sighs….

See what I mean? Well anyhow, when someone gets their attention, tell them that Rob Thomas will be entertaining during the celebration dinner!


10th Chair – 1sagefemme