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Fellow creatures of Earth, here are some topics of recent interest that may straddle your attention! First and foremost, for galactic minds of Netflix, be sure to peruse the 400+ movie drop list as Miramax Films will be removed from Netflix June 1st, 2016. While we like many of the original Netflix series outputs, they will need to provide replacements for this type of selection loss!

Awesome –Secret Netflix codes from WGN

Whew, need an Italian beef now (sorry only Chicago/Illinois gets it right) and luckily my partner went out to get us some for the last fatty rites! This is after she had explained about going on a 30 day extreme diet called the Keto Diet, you know, no sugar, and um, certain carbohydrates yadda yadda and asked me if I would support her (which means to do it too). So ok, researched the white papers for it and the whole sounds pretty efficient and great for those with many conditions.

I haven’t done this much research since all the white papers (over 500) for Nigella Sativa (black seed, black cumin) which the FDA at one time called it a wonder drug and Nestle made a public statement that they were NOT trying to patten the seed itself. More on patent seed news later. It’s just funny that not everyone has heard of Black Seed. However, if you are going to get it, be sure to research how the product is processed and where it comes from, it makes a big difference between what was researched and what was not.

Ok anyhow back to sugar- despite the fact that a government food agency did not publish the TRS 961 (before whistleblower sites were popular and reports could be lost with money handling a report about how awful sugar is) we do have in existence the 1977 McGovern Report that basically reports, it’s just bad. All those health foods out there with sugar? Hey I still like my cheesecake! That is because SUGAR is 40% more addicting than Cocaine. And here I thought McDonalds french Fries were… at least I’m no longer eating plastic (I mean fake butter). The wobbly history of dietary health guidelines is listed here.

So, I’m on board because sitting here day in and day out getting sicker by the day, losing memory, words, names, energy, chronically fatigued, weak, sometimes body shakes etc., isn’t cutting it no matter what I have tried so far.

Luckily, well by heaven’s intervention, I was selected to be a part of a major, health research project with free testing and treatment for both Insomnia and Sleep Apnea which has been a major part of my life along with severe RLS. The three month treatment for Sleep Apnea with a cpap starts next week and just finished up with the behavioral treatment for insomnia. Easy Peasy so far. What is also important here is the fact that I discovered RLS is an inflammation disease. While I can manipulate parts of the vagus nerve to suddenly stop the symptom of extreme RLS, once the pressure is removed the symptoms come back ten times worse. With the Keto diet, I expect a reduction in RLS symptoms along with other benefits while further investigating the vagus nerve role.

Meanwhile in the world, on May 17th, 2016 the Senate passed a bill allowing legal claims against Saudi Arabia regarding 9/11. For those interested, here is a documentary about Saudi Uncovered, undercover reporters with hidden cameras in the realm. It is illegal to videotape there. This video on youtube is an interesting addition to the recent bill.

And, yes food again, while they (politicians) were busy voting not knowing what what slipped into a bill regarding the Monsanto Act (well um, the public can’t sue them if there are any major health problems from consuming gmo seeds) their reactions were curious and profoundly idiotic, ‘Oh I didn’t see that in there’. Doh. This is just about the same time when the world is slowly banning gmo seeds. But wait a minute, did the EU ban patents on other seeds yet and will it play the monopoly on which natural seeds are illegal to buy, sell, and distribute? Geesh, what a world we live in… no one can make up their mind.

Dang, after all that… I want Breyers vanilla ice cream! And if you just want a smile at something and you haven’t seen the Lady Chewbacca video yet, it is adorable.