I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by MidiMike, someone I can’t help but like for his authenticity and talent. I feel he is just that guy you could be yourself around and enjoy the moment. Thanks Mike!

I nominate all my readers because I just can’t choose, I sincerely feel I have the best readership one can hope or ask for. To those of my followers who answers the questions and accepts the nomination, please accept ๐Ÿ™‚

Questions for you and I-

  1. What is the most consistent thing in your life?ย 

Mystery. Here in my forties, while the sun has set on some concrete concepts and answers in life, I still find the questions from my youth re-routed and re-packaged into mystery yet again.

2. Do you believe in a Higher Power?

Yes. I ย believe in Christ although I am the worst kind of christian out there, often rebellious and back-slidden, who mainly chants mercy and grace over doctrine, intellectual arguments, law, and punishment. Hell, I know I am a sinner and whatever doctrine I go by I accept for me personally, not about others. One of my favorite verses is… ‘when someone asks you about your faith’- which means if it isn’t ask worthy in one’s own life what make you think it is answer worthy to people who see nothing from it. None of us, in claiming anything of ourselves, have anything to boast about or escape our own battles. None of us can expect another to believe the way we do. And religious abuses encumber people to expectations and beliefs like a loud banging bell, just to taunt rather than embrace grace and healing for everyone whose known a life of hell. I struggle often for faith.

3. What motivates your writing?

I was born with the hunger and drive to write. I can’t explain it nor do I wish to. It has always been a part of my soul flaying over the racks of intellect’s fire. During the last year, much of my writing has been about processing through tragedies in my life and the things I can’t control. To this day, I struggle with issues that render me to fight everyday for a semblance of hope, financially taking care of my family, and finding dreams again. In unison of life, in all its dealings, I am grateful for my WordPress site that has kept me going and love of my family.

4. What do you want people to know about you?

I’m hard to understand. My heart is about loyalty, individual freedoms and respect, finding the depth and heart of the matter. But my adhd gets in the way at times. I can come off in person with an intimidating demeanor (which has been great in security) but inside I struggle to convey my goofy, blonde, loving side to everyone. I let others take the lead in that. In writing, it is much easier to just openly release it.


Thanks for reading! I hope some of my readers accept the award!