For those of you who do not know Curtis Bausse, he has two wordpress sites. Curtis doesn’t know I am doing this recommendation and of course he wouldn’t ask me to. But there are two reasons why I’ve decided to do what I do not normally do, suggest another website in a regular post outside of my Post Fabulous posts (which I still have to catch up on).

The first reason being, his flash fiction stories are hilarious. Forget the mundane, you won’t find it in his collection. I’ve also read his recent novel, ‘One Green Bottle’ and enjoyed it very much. Magali, the main character, is easy to love. You will not be disappointed in Curtis’s wit, creativity, and style.

The second reason is simply, gratitude. I remember the day I was about to abort my wordpress site and my poetry in frustration, early on in its inception. I didn’t tell anyone of my intention or how I was feeling. Coincidently, that same day, he posted something nice about one of my poems on his website. Here was this intelligent, funny, witty writer noticing my work and encouraging me out of the blue! That day is why I still have my site up. And he has been a solid supporter since. The second reason, well a sweet reminder that we are lifted up when we lift others up in encouragement and support.

Thank you again Curtis.


Here are his wordpress sites:

Curtis Bausse – Journey of a Blogvelist 

Curtis Bausse Books