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Ranger chords man, calling out every empty space between the frets
come meet the blues over the electric slide, have a cold one on me
how much more fucking honest can it get
and where is anyone in life, no don’t tell me, I didn’t really want to ask that
when it’s firing emotional torpedoes and speakers are screaming
war, no more war or wasted days, it’s just a moment to figure it out
something inside keeps the music on the wheel
where it’s all real and there’s no where left to hide and no words left to say
Blues ain’t no savior but sure is a light, taking my cig to that flame
what’s left through smoky rooms better say my name because I’m tired
of looking, and finding, and losing, and all that goes round and round
Fuck man, just the blues tonight
and faded blue jeans
to hear myself


Ā© Tammy Mezera 2015