Unplug the portal

blackened regression

can’t go back

nocturnal chains indulgent of freedoms

pick the corpse

which ones are smiling

with eyes open


singe its nest, let them go

blackbirds of nether world

steal away

nothing left to breed here

the stay of execution

is for morning


come the vultures,

hydraulic fumes


save me

one last time


save the lowering

for another day

until the pensioners have a day’s wage

in full

after decades

of earth’s perfume



can’t go back

which of the dead was real

grey pall over the hushed

dirt smudge over respite

no, kill me another day


psalms for words

two thousand year old cross of another

read me sinuous chapters, pretty like

virtues – mother, father, sister, brother

without dissection

cast me aside another hour


what use is mourning

what use is dried balm

what use is dying

a death already known



just for today

they have, all

eyes closed

no worms

no earth

no sear of pain



© Tammy Mezera 2016