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Twilight Zone


You unlock this door with the key of question. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of politics, a dimension of media, a dimension of illusions. You’re moving into a land of both democrats and republicans, of law and rhetoric. You’ve just been pushed into the Twilight Zone.

It was mid December, 2015, when the televised media space-station (TMS6) lost radio contact with the Public Radio Base on Earth (PRBE15). Two radio controllers, T and C discovered the blackout and reported it to PRBE15 Headquarters.

T: Sir, I know we are getting visual from the satellite but the transmissions are looped and direct contact with TMS6 base is static.

PRBE15 Headquarters: How long?

C: Sir, one week. They are repeating, regimented newscasts on terrorism, Cop21, Chicago Police, Donald Trump and the GOP polls. While the transmissions vary in microseconds, we believe that this is a computer generated script programed to circumvent our detection systems.

PRBE15: I’m a little reluctant, these topics are  headlined nationally and consistent with public interest ratings. Are you sure you are not jumping the gun here? We’ve had space interference situations before in radio communications that have lasted for two weeks at maximum.

T: Sir, we’ve tested the linguistic data against the World Events data and there are definitely some major inconsistencies with major media coverage, especially in the US.

PRBE15: Such as?

C: Sir, there is zero to two percent mention of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton on most major networks. The West Swiss media leaked sensitive information on terrorists subjects including the photo’s of four in Geneva, and one in Chicago even before the Geneva authorities were informed creating tension between the intelligence agencies. And Isis is involved in the antiquities trafficking which reminds me of Hitler but anyway. These stories hardly made American mainstream, televised media. Also, the two Afghanistan national, combat trainee pilots that went awol in Georgia have no real follow up. And the long guns stolen from a military reserve in the US have yet to be recovered. Instead of gun control debates after mass shootings, the gops attack planned parenthood. We have major news stories from all over the world affiliated with the major topics dominating the networks without variation of theme nor investigative depth on these topics. These examples were only a small sampling of our data.

PRBE15: Hmmm. Are any of the six TMS corporate ships roving?

T: No Sir, they remain in place.

PRBE15: Report back to me in two days. I will advise the council.

T:/C: Yes Sir.

Transmission Ends.

T shook her head at C and started to laugh.

C: I know right? Coffee time.

T: Seriously, this is a suicide prevention attempt. If I hear or see Trump’s face one more time or hear about the absurd polls, I think I am going to open the chamber and just float off in space. How is he still in the race and who the hell is actually voting in these polls? I bet he is secretly employed by the DNC because the middle class are not that stupid.

C: Eh no worries, him and others have already thrown a monkey wrench in counter terrorism efforts by playing into the rhetoric of terrorist groups that America is against Muslims. And the way we are treating the refugees are creating an increased hostility for the west and increasing their recruits. Might as well stay for awhile.

T: Well at least we are not sending ground troops to fulfill their prophesy of the end war with the west.

C: Did we get the comprehensive list yet from the counsel of ownership of media in every country?

T: Not yet. It’s brutal out there still. Reporters are being imprisoned and killed at an alarming rate. Even democratic governments are still breaking into and spying on their electronic systems. Oh rue the day when independent media has full legal protections and the necessary public sponsorship to carry on without state secret laws and blackouts.

C laughed and poured french vanilla cream in her coffee.

C: That is why we have hack-spacism out there- the new underground reporters.

T: Ya well, I’m not too happy about getting a letter about my personal info being hacked into from the PRBE15 Personnel Administration. Who are the good guys? And yes we need them to fight terrorism and expose the protected evil deeds of society but I have to drawn the line when I am targeted for the trying to do the same thing, without hacking that is. I mean, who is going to protect me?

The entrance lights in the radio turn flicker to red and JJ enters with three cups of Starchumps Coffee.

C: You’re late JJ. But thanks anyway.

JJ: Nags. Are you loving the election campaigns yet?

T: Only when it involves Saturday Night Live. But the last episodes were kind of lame compared to the Sarah Palin skits. Hopefully they can do better.

C: Ha, now that Alaska is melting I’m sure there is more of a view to Russia.

JJ: Doh! I’d like to get a good view of the Independent party in the US. It is a shame we have put up with donkeys and elephants political wars for so long fighting like toddlers. We need a new brand in the mix, I’d say we eliminate it and make everyone independent, each held responsible to the American Public rather than to the party lines.

T: Party pooper. Come on, there is plenty of free theatricals to be had. Look at the first GOP Presidential debate where who said what against who was the most intellectual thing they could come up with, trying to make them all fight. And the media loves it, sigh, that is all they kept reporting on basically and still do.

C: It hurts my sensibilities, truly. I did not sign up to be a preschool teacher for a reason, let alone subject myself to the routine play by play inside Romper Room.

JJ: Hey, what is that?

A unidentified spacecraft blipped on the radar entering the protected zone. T and C tried to make radio contact but only the sound a a dragging chain was transmitted back.

T: No shit

JJ: What, who is it?

C: It’s Media Marley.

JJ? Who?

T: Didn’t you ever watch Scrooge? Anyhow, Media Marley helped draft the right to free press. I wonder why he is here.

(To Be Continued)

© Tammy Mezera 2015